Frequently Asked Questions

General & Pricing

Any golf shop using Xpos for its sales and stock solutions can register.

Members or customers who have an email address in the pro shop customer database will be able to use the app and sync with your shop.

Moving from XPOS Caddie to Xcaddie

When you move to the new online version of Xpos, your old Xpos Caddie app will automatically divert your customers to Xcaddie.

Setting up your app

Yes! Tell us you’d like to register and we will add Xcaddie to your account. We’ll then do some basic set up for you to get you started. Your products will instantly appear in the Reserve & Collect.

Before you go live

There’s a small check list to ensure you’re ready to tell customers about the app.

  1. Do a full stocktake of the shop. Remember, a product will only automatically appear if it is in Xcodes and in stock. That also means that if a product style has no variants in stock, it will be removed from the app. A stock take will ensure that you launch the app with as many items as possible in your Reserve & Collect feature
  2. Ensure every item has a price (with the exception of TaylorMade as above)
  3. Login as a customer and check each area in the Reserve & Collect and make sure everything is as you want it. Ideally, the Xcaddie app should be as populated as possible, which will really bring it to life.
  4. The My Pro Shop area is a great way to connect with customers so make sure this is fully-completed. Don’t forget to launch with a new video (in the My Pro Shop feature) to introduce the app and showcase new products on display in the shop.

Launching your app

We have a host of marketing tips and tools available for you, including social media images, leaflets, digital QR code, email templates and video ideas. Check out the Marketing Your Xcaddie app page here

Another game changer is NOT giving our account balance information to customers in the shop or over the phone.  If customers ask for their account balance, suggest they download the shop's Xcaddie app. It's a great way to boost user numbers and works well for many pro shops!

App Features

Account Balance

Users will see their account balance at the top of the menu on the front screen and in the My Account feature.

Lesson Booking

You can add your lesson booking URL in the Settings of Xcaddie. This can be a generic lesson booking URL in the main shop set up page, or under Settings > Staff where you can edit a staff member and add their own URL to that.

Push Notifications

You can send a push notification to everyone using Xcaddie via the CUSTOMERS section within Xpos.

Messages can be sent to everyone, or individuals. 

Go to CUSTOMERS, tick to select then click on XCADDIE NOTIFICATION. 


Give it a title and then the text you want to send.   

Press send

My Pro Shop

The My Pro Shop section showcases the expertise and services that your team can offer golfers.

Try to complete this with as much information as possible.


There are two reports within Xpos that you can use to monitor the app's success.

  1. Xcaddie Useage. This reports tracks who is accessing the app and what they're doing with it.
  2. Xcaddie Users gives you a list of who has logged in. This report also tells you who hasn't signed up so it's a great tool to use to chase up golfers and encourage more of them to download the app.  Generate a the list of members who haven't signed up to the app; export it; and use your mailing package to contact them.

If you have any queries about marketing your Xcaddie app, or would like more suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email jules.appleby@xpos.co.uk


This is just the start of the journey for Xcaddie

With more exciting features on their way, we are sure this will be a fantastic dimension to your shop business and we are delighted to have you on board.