PGA Retailers Are Turning Up the Tech With Xpos


Thanks to the new cloud service, which became available in 2021, hundreds of Xpos users are enjoying a new kind of retailing - with benefits such as remote access, enhanced inventory management and remarkable automation features. Here, four seasoned retailers, from a range of venues and businesses, share their insights on the cutting-edge online system.

Oliver Cross

Head PGA Professional, Brough Golf Club


I’ve been here since I was an 11 year old junior player. I’ve worked at other clubs but came back over five years ago as Head Professional, which was always my goal. I’m Brough through and through.

Back when I was a PGA Assistant, retail was done manually. Unfortunately, I saw some poor buying decisions being made and so when I set up on my own, I got in touch with Xpos.  We moved to the new cloud software in August last year.

I really can’t see any draw backs from the new system. Being able to access it from home or abroad is a huge positive for me, and is something the old system wouldn’t let you do. From a time-saving point of view, it’s great.

My PC broke a few months ago and, thankfully, I didn’t lose any data as it was all in the cloud. I know people think it won’t happen to them, but it really is something to consider.

The stocktaking app, Xapp Pro, is brilliant.  It’s easy to use and we can stocktake using the barcode scanner and our phones.

I just think Xpos has got it right. The system is specifically designed for golf which is where other companies fall down.  It’s easy to navigate and very intuitive. It took us no time at all to learn how to use the cloud software and I just can’t fault it.

“What used to take a whole day now takes less than an hour!”

Ron Walker, Lundin

Ron Walker

Head PGA Professional, Lundin Golf Club


Lundin is a traditional 18-hole links course situated on the coast, just 12 miles from St Andrews. I’ve been at Lundin for 15 years now. It’s the role I always wanted and I feel very fortunate.

We are a private members club with high visitor traffic and, as a result, my business is very much about ‘soft’ goods such as clothing, shoes, bags and accessories – basically anything I can put a crest on.

I’ve been with Xpos around eight years after it was recommended by my buying group, Foremost.

I switched to the cloud four weeks ago. We were concerned at first as everything looked different, however, we soon realised how good it was. Things are in different places but the software is intuitive and everything makes sense. The functions are generally easier and the tutorial videos mean you don’t have to call up if you have a query.

The biggest thing for me has been how the system has improved our stock control.  We now use the new stocktaking app, Xapp Pro, along with our barcode scanner, and, what used to take a whole day now takes less than an hour! The scanner recognises every barcode and it really is a breath of fresh air.  We’re stocktaking more regularly now so I know that when I give my accountant the numbers, I’ll be bang on the money.

Andy Kenny

Synergy Golf


Synergy Golf is a professional golf services company specialising in course maintenance and club management. We support clubs of all types and sizes, from smaller public golf courses to large resort destinations and everything in between. The cloud version of Xpos is bringing huge benefits to our businesses.

Technology plays a vital role in how we operate and it’s essential that our systems can stand up to what we need them to do.

The implementation of Xpos forms part of our overall formula at Synergy Golf and that’s probably the best complement I can pay it.  My role is to make the big tech decisions and, for many years now, I’ve entrusted Xpos as our Epos provider. We use the system from its very basic capabilities through to a programme that drives everything: bar, driving range, golf shop and green fees. We trust it implicitly. This trust is not only based on the knowledge that Xpos is a highly advanced technology company, but also that they continue to invest in their support for clients.  This was a key factor in our decision to move away from previous vendors who could not deliver the same support.

We are in the process of moving to the cloud software venue by venue. The transitions have been seamless and we’re excited to onboard the remaining locations as the cloud program introduces more features.

As a multi-course management company, one of the best things of the cloud software is being able to see everything from our head office. Remote access has been a game changer and we can now report through the cloud without the need to bother the club mangers directly for information.

Adrian Cave

Head PGA Professional, Honiton Golf Club


I’ve been Head Professional here for 34 years. We’re a medium-sized club with around 600 members and fairly high visitor traffic.  Before Xpos, I used a desktop Epos system but it was quite old and wasn’t giving me the information I needed to run the business.

Moving to Xpos was a leap of faith as my old system wasn’t costing anything. I was assured I’d soon make my money back by having better control of stock and understanding of my margins, and I’m happy to say that was right.

We moved to the cloud in September and the transition was no problem.

I would say Xpos is even better in the cloud because you can access it anywhere. I can create a till at any location now. I have a laptop at home and access it to check sales or to do some uninterrupted work.

Another advantage is that I can sit in the office and manage the stock, rather than having to use the till at the front and impose on the shop team.

Xcodes is a big bonus. I can scan something I haven’t previously had in stock and it’s recognised immediately so there’s no need to create products anymore. If you want to create a range of shoes, all the sizes and colours are there already. As a result, my reports are more accurate and I’m definitely more on top of things.

"Being able to access it from home and abroad is a huge positive”

Oliver Cross, Brough


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