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(and it costs nothing!)

Forget what you’ve learnt about managing stock so far.

Brandtrac is an exciting new service designed to empower your suppliers and relieve busy golf retailers of the pressure of inventory decision-making.

An industry first, Brandtrac enables brands to help retailers manage stock shortages, as well as slow and fast-moving inventory.



Common sense retailing

Running a retail business is hard.  With so much to juggle, people to please, staff to oversee and golfers to coach, managing a pro shop can be stressful.

The last thing you need is slow-moving stock piling up on shelves, or frustrated customers when you don't have the size they need.

Maintaining good stock levels is a constant challenge and yet stocking your shop is becoming more expensive and complicated.


UP TO 20%

of annual sales are lost due to stock-outs.


An exciting first for the industry

  • Brandtrac bridges the gap between golf manufacturers and retailers, empowering brands and suppliers to help you manage inventory in your store.
  • Cut down on stock-outs and paperwork, and run a more efficient business. At no extra cost.
  • Enjoy easy product creation at a click of a button. Stock arrives overnight and appears automatically in your Xpos system. It's magic!


More time, more money, one click

When you sign up for this FREE service, you’ll be giving the suppliers YOU CHOOSE a view of in-store stock and sales movements in real-time.  This allows them to make informed decisions, such as replenishing products before they sell out.

It’s a new way of retailing that’ll save you time, money and stress.

Participating brands can also send new orders direct to Xpos, enabling you to stock in with just one click.


From now on, good retail comes down to team work

Brandtrac is a revolutionary new way to bring manufacturers and retailers closer together.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

Brandtrac data allows the brands you choose to:

  • Highlight products before they go out of stock
  • Manage slow-moving inventory taking up space in your shop
  • Save costs and environmental impact by optimising sales teams’ time and reducing travel

Benefits of Brandtrac for golf retailers:

  • Increase sales with fewer stock-outs
  • Boost profits and avoid disappointed customers with better stock balance
  • Reduce paperwork and time involved in managing orders
  • Nothing to do! See delivery data appear automatically in Xpos and stock in with just one click

Join us on the Brandtrac revolution!

With new brands coming on board every week, now is an exciting time for retailers to sign up.  It’s early days for this fantastic new service but, as more and more retailers register, it will enable us to introduce more brands to Brandtrac.

Sign up to Brandtrac today and we’ll be in touch with news shortly

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